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Victim’s Fund Closes and Second Fund Opened

Опубликовано: October 10, 2022 в 4:09 pm


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The July 4th Highland Park Shooting Response Fund has closed so that final amounts can be determined for distribution to victims and nonprofit organizations serving them. The total amount of the Fund will be made public after the victims are notified and receive their award letters, expected by the end of October.

A second fund has been opened to accept donations that will be used to address continuing needs of victims and community members for mental health and other services resulting from the shooting. Donations to the second fund will be distributed to nonprofit organizations supporting their needs. The Highland Park Community Foundation will administer the Fund and distribute the donations through a grant process.

“We have been awed by the generosity of individuals, private foundations, businesses, and other organizations that have donated in support of the victims,” said Betsy Brint, chair of Together Highland Park Unidos. “We are distributing 100% of the donations to victims and the organizations that serve them. In addition to financial gifts, we have been supported by so many donations of time and energy to make this possible. We look forward to distributing these Funds to the victims at the end of the month, and hope these gifts of compassion from so many, help individuals feel supported by our community.”